Unsure whether coaching is right for you? Let's address some common questions

What is coaching?

COACHING is a two way connection between client and coach that provides a confidential space in which YOU can address issues that matter to you and/or your organisation thus helping to create the right conditions to help you flourish and be your best.

As coaches we offer support, challenge and encouragement.

It is akin to setting out on a journey together where YOU, the client, set the direction and enable regular reviews to ensure that we are on track or taking a diversion if we agree it is appropriate.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because it recognises and respects the powerful tripartite structure of the mind -information, energy and relationships.

By offering insight into your own behaviour and its effect upon others it provides an opportunity to change, helping you to make sense of what’s happening and also about yourself.

In so doing it provides the awareness and space for you to work on what is important to YOU.

Is coaching for me?

Coaching is for YOU if you want to be more confident and effective in dealing with change, challenges and opportunities and enjoy development and new learning.

Will coaching help me?

Through sharing knowledge and information, supported by scientific evidence and research, we can help YOU to understand the workings of the human mind and in so doing…

  • understand yourself better
  • make better-informed decisions
  • and practise new behaviours.

YOU then decide what to think and how to act in the light of this discovery and information.