Thinking about what happens in coaching? Here’s a taste…

We use a combination of observation, listening, questioning, and feedback to have a powerful two way conversation with you.

Coaching encourages insight and learning, providing a confidential space in which you can address issues that matter to you.

We contract with you from the start, at the opening of each session and during sessions.

This helps in moving towards your desired goal and enables us to be responsive to changes along the way. For example. you might uncover a pattern in your behaviour that you had not acknowledged before, and once recognised,  may choose to work on changing your general approach to certain situations.

In personal coaching some people experience dramatic transformation in 1 or 2 sessions, while others opt for a more step by step approach.

In Executive coaching longer programmes are generally implied determined by business need or  if embarking on a significant change affecting many facets of the executive’s sitauation.

Importantly YOU  are always in control.

Our promise to you is

  • confidential and non-judgemental interaction
  • strong use of intelligent emotions
  • motivational and directional skills