Coaching for Individuals Make the changes you want confidently


Personal coaching may be right for YOU…

  • Do you need help with choosing or changing your career path?
  • Are you at a crossroads in your life and unsure of which opportunity to take?
  • Are you faced with a change that you don’t feel prepared for or feel too tired to cope with?

People often say they hate change.

This is often made worse by challenging work/school; social and family demands which can make it even harder to focus and can be exacerbated by erratic or unhealthy eating, insufficient sleep, and not having enough breaks during the day.

Scientific studies suggest that change in all its forms means learning something new.

We do this by creating new connections that lead to a new neural network in our brains – a complex biological process which doesn’t go well if our brains aren’t ready for it. In times of intense change we can feel tired and stressed out, things don’t go well and it can be difficult to learn.

To cope effectively we need to be in peak condition. When we experience emotions such as fear, anger, disgust, shame and sadness there is a propensity to escape or avoid the person, issue or situation that challenges us. This can affect confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity and strategic focus. Conversely love, trust, excitement and joy promote these.

We can help you to be more self-aware, to learn to reverse habits and practices that you believe no longer serve you well and ensure you have the resources to manage your personal changes confidently and successfully.

Client testimonials

“Do not start with any pre-conceptions of what coaching is about and what you ‘think’ it will do for you. Start with an open mind and really be prepared to delve into aspects of yourself and  other career/personal development approaches never reached/touched upon before.”              CB - Consultant

 “After an initial meeting with Denyse, there was no doubt in my mind that I would greatly benefit from her expertise. Denyse has the ability to provide different perspectives on one’s situation. She asks pertinent questions, making one think about perceptions of the self and of others. One is able to stand back and view a situation objectively, from different angles. The life-coaching sessions were invaluable.”
CF-Working mum (teacher)-returning expatriate

“I found her in depth HR knowledge and insider perspective on the recruitment process to be of invaluable help during a recent career transition – from the application stage, through to negotiating the contract with my new employer. Denyse’s own experiences from the corporate world were of vital assistance and I would highly recommend her services to anyone else considering a career change.”
JAF-Senior Manager- returning expatriate

“I have always been impressed by Denyse’s professionalism, sensitivity and intuition, all qualities that she brings to her work as Consulting Director of Positively You. Added to this is a lightness of touch and sense of humour which I would value also in a coaching relationship. I would have no hesitation in recommending Denyse as a coach.”
Associate Director /Professional Trainer and Coach

“I was sceptical at first as I approached my first coaching session with Fred. Having a medical background and exposure to Psychology studies, I questioned the usefulness of this “new” methodology. Still, I was in a rut and when this opportunity fell into place, I took it.

It was challenging at first. The process made me think deeply and with brutal honesty about different facets of my life. The sessions offered me an opening, the tools if you like, to explore myself in an atmosphere of strict confidentiality and without judgement. It was like having an open conversation with oneself; asking questions never before considered in any depth and exploring avenues of thought and corridors of forgotten dreams. I am an introspective person anyway, but the major difference was the “Call to Action”! Having unearthed insecurities blocking my self-development I was assisted to overcome these barriers. I found renewed energy to take tiny, easily achievable steps towards my newly discovered goal.

 I am on an exciting journey and Coaching is helping me to help myself.”
MB -nurse

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