Personal coaching – Personal effectiveness

Just because you think someone doesn’t like you it or has got it in for you doesn’t stand to follow that it is true.

Often we create expectations and have perceptions about how a situation will be or how we would like others to respond. Whether at home, at work or in social contexts , when those perceptions don’t come to fruition sometimes you make your mind up about the other person which then has an impact on the nature of the connection or relationship.

Then there is the risk that every time that person approaches or has a conversation with you; you immediately look out for evidence that you were right. So before taking the timeout to consider what the other person is actually saying, you form a judgment.

The same can be true in many situations–teenagers at school, executives at work, family ad relationship contexts.

What we think determines how we feel and ultimately how we act. This has a consequent effect on the way others respond and drives why we find it easier to get on with some rather than others.

By heightening awareness, coaching can help you to understand what drives these differences in each of us and in turn the impact we have on others and them on us. You can learn new ways of communicating and connecting, forging more fulfilling and more impactful connections with others