Attaining wellness through coaching

Have you ever had a really good day? A day where everything went your way, smoothly and effortlessly falling into place? Your favourite breakfast was served up, you found parking near the entrance, there was no queue at the cashier, on and on it went. Interspersed with this was a liberal sprinkling of good news. A baby born to the family. You landed the new job. A salary raise beyond expectation. Passed the exam with flying colours Arrived at your long-awaited holiday destination. As a bonus, heightened awareness. Vibrant colours. Pleasant sounds. Intense tastes. No ceaseless chatter in your head.  At the end of it you thought “this has to be the best day of my life!” Or perhaps just “Wow!”

 This is Wellness. A state of complete balance and harmony with all that is in your experience.

How is wellness different from health? Health is the concern of medical science. Through no fault of its own, this is limited by treating the symptoms of illness on a physical and mental level. If you went to a doctor and they asked how you were, if you answered alright, they would probably ask you why you came, particularly if on examination you were in good physical health. You went because you weren’t happy. Alright is not fantastic or perfect or extraordinary. We are complex beings, with more than just physical and mental components. Wellness is the concern of the individual, and is not limited to physical or mental aspects of being. It is the cultivation of a happy state of being, in all aspects of being. It may be scientific, but is more often, if not always, experiential and so is not bound by the physical. It is the realm of the ever expanding playground of the imagination, but not restricted to thought. It is these combined with the awakening and exploration of the spiritual.

How do we attain wellness? This is the tricky part, because while we are all connected each of us is unique. Let us imagine that there is a balance point for everything. In terms of diet, this may be meat and potatoes for me. On the one hand is a vegan, and on the other an Eskimo. One is happy on a plant based diet and the other on animal protein. Each of us has found balance in very different diets, and is unlikely to be happy doing another. Or maybe we would. One way to find out: have the experience and gauge how you feel.

What does coaching have to do with any of this? The coaching relationship can help you to determine what is missing, if anything, from your life. It will help you to set and attain goals that will assist you to arrive at and more importantly maintain a happier state of being. This is applicable to profession, relationships, in fact potentially all aspects of your life. Is it for you? There’s just one way to find out. Give us the opportunity to help make you, well- Positively You!