Personal coaching – career energiser

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t …you’re right” Henry Ford

Take control of your career with some of our top tips…

In today’s volatile and fast-changing economy, the ability to recognise the need for change and adapt quickly are essential career skills. Here are some suggestions which will help you stay ahead of change.

Maintain a Marketing Plan with a career focus.

Periodically review and add to your CV using accomplishment statements as you achieve new successes.

Stay ahead of the pack

Record information on new networking contacts you make, and information on companies that come to your attention that you may want to target sometime in the future.

Regard networking as an on-going, lifetime process. Actively stay in touch with your network virtually and practically. Establish a LinkedIn profile and keep it current. Have lunch, share information of mutual interest, or refer a prospect or service. The direct benefit to you will be now and in the future, building a solid network of contacts from which you can continually draw, and for whom you can act as a valuable resource.

Learn how to interview well and create impact

Learn how to listen actively to gather information from colleagues, team members and network contacts.

Cultivate positive relationships.

Be a visible achiever

Use and refine your influencing and negotiating skills whenever you can – then apply in appropriate business, personal and social situations.

Be a model leader or employee.

Develop relationships outside your company in trade associations and professional groups.