How we coach... Completely tailored to your needs

We use a blend of client-centred strategies and techniques that flex and change dependent on the issues that you present. These might include observation, questioning, silence, listening, and feedback to have conversations that invite reflection, thinking from a different perspective and are rich in insight and learning.

Our focus is building a strong coaching alliance from the outset, and assessing each client’s needs which ensure a holistic tailor-made offering to suit YOU.

In personal coaching we typically kick off with an exploratory first session to help you to reflect on and share what’s most important to you, what you want to get done, and by when.

In Corporate and Small Business and Education sector coaching, the line manager, head of institution and the person contracting with contributes to this important process.

That way you get a chance to check that you’re comfortable with your  coach and the approach to coaching, and we are clear on what your goals are and that that they’re realistic, achievable and challenging.

YOU decide what you or your organisation wants to gain from coaching, and by when.

We contract from the start of our relationship, and also at the opening of each session and during sessions for one to one coaching. This helps in moving towards your desired goal and enables us to be responsive to changes along the way e.g. you may uncover a pattern in your behaviour that you had not acknowledged before, and once recognised may choose to work on changing your general approach to certain situations.

Some people experience dramatic transformation in 1 or 2 sessions, while others may opt for a more step by step approach. You might even decide to choose a longer programme if embarking on a significant change affecting many facets of your life or supporting large scale change within your organisation.

Whichever route you come through, our promise to you is

  • good questioning skills that invite discovery
  • curiosity
  • intuition
  • non-judgemental interaction
  • high emotional intelligence, and
  • motivational and directional skills that will support you in making the change that you seek in yourself and/or the organisation and importantly leave YOU in control.

We hope you feel confident in choosing Positively You and look forward to working with you.