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Executives typically seek coaching when they feel that a change in behaviour, style and practices for themselves or their team members could make a significant difference not only in their personal performance, but the performance and health of the organisation

Executive coaching is particularly effective in times of change Typical engagement purposes include:

  • High potential development
  • Implementing organisational change
  • Leadership skill development
  • Performance management
  • Role transition including retirement

In Corporate Coaching at organisational level we are engaged to work with teams on programmes such as

  • Change
  • Maximising team effectiveness
  • Transforming organisational performance and health
  • Wellbeing

Our programmes are deeply insightful, positive, energetic and fun!

Often we use Insights Discovery® profiling to support the change. It is great for

  • increasing communication and collaboration: learn how your team, department or organisation can work together more effectively.
  • improving personal effectiveness: as part of a programme of coaching, to identify areas of strength and help create a development plan tailored to each individual.
  • developing leaders and sales people: use an understanding of preferences to assess individual and collective strengths and enhance crucial business skills.

Using the world-renowned psychometric profiling tool, Insights Discovery®, you receive a 28 page report which outlines preferences for working, communicating, influencing, selling style, learning and building relationships.

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Client testimonials

“I chose Denyse because she takes a holistic approach to lifestyle goals and future plans, taking into account feelings and what brings fulfillment as well as the bare facts of career history and qualifications etc. She was a great coach. It’s not easy knuckling down to identifying goals, drafting CVs, practising interview questions and so on but Denyse had just the right mix of encouragement and firmness to make the process as painless as possible. Her suggestions were always constructive and helpful. We achieved much in a relatively short timeframe and I found the sessions valuable but also enjoyable.”
ST-Equity Partner -International Law firm

“I found her in depth HR knowledge and insider perspective on the recruitment process to be of invaluable help during a recent career transition – from the application stage, through to negotiating the contract with my new employer. Denyse’s own experiences from the corporate world were of vital assistance and I would highly recommend her services to anyone else considering a career change.”
JAF-Senior Manager

client-list2“Denyse mixes matches and balances a keen sense of listening, enough humour and tremendous experience in delivering unmatched coaching in a delicately pragmatic and confident manner. This approach has enhanced my own self-confidence and more recently her understated, experienced approach led me and a newly formed team through a series of conversations and exercises about the potential to win as one team. A stroke of genius, unmatched professionalism and keen attention to the important details captures the experience. I would recommend Denyse as a career and life coach and most definitely as a team facilitator”
KC, Marketing Programs Manager & London 2012 Olympics Sponsorship Lead