Building great working relationships The key to successful outcomes


Developing people and partnerships

At the heart of our own values is the importance of people.

Our work in the education sector suggests that an essential element that is often missing in teacher training and development is and understanding of what drives “the self”, and strategies for adapting effectively in colleague and pupil interaction.

In working with established leadership teams and also teachers aspiring to leadership the exploration journey starts with boosting self-understanding to adapt, communicate, influence and work more effectively in leading by example.

 By boosting awareness of what drives our difference in perception and preference we can help teaching teams in leadership development, managing changes, and building and embarking on new opportunities and initiatives.

Offering new techniques for engaging, it creates a common language with which to continue to embrace and promote change, respecting individuals, valuing their uniqueness and strengthening collegiate working, community and sense of purpose.

Personal Development Programmes for Students and Young Adults

Are you:

  • preparing UCAS statements?
  • developing communication and teamwork skills for sixth form or Pupil Councils?
  • deciding what you want to do?
  • seeking employment?
  • seeking to be understood better by your parents, siblings. friends?

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Client testimonials

“Staff was very grateful for this opportunity. It provided a great insight to who we are as individuals and who we could be as members of a team. The analyses of the personalities were spot on. The outcomes of the workshop afforded staff a new awareness so that the appreciation and understanding of others was better. Our aim is to become a more caring institution and at the same time focus on improving in all areas to achieve excellence. The facilitator was insightful, compassionate, very professional and extremely engaging!”
DB-Principal, Secondary School

Denyse was excellent – knew her stuff and was very good at connecting with the group of teachers aspiring to leadership roles. She managed the short time-frame brilliantly.
JW -Former Head teacher and school student leadership independent coach.