Being successful starts with you Maximise your effectiveness

Small Business

As a small business owner, you probably wear many hats from strategy and visioning through to delivery of your product or service. The more effective you are at selling and sustaining great relationships with your customers and consumers, the more successful your business will be.

With many small businesses being family run or managed with a small team, there is the risk of business being stifled or suffocated by well-meaning friends and family whose thoughts aren’t aligned or have very different perspectives of the same issues.

Recognising what is right for your business success starts with YOU, and drives the ability to work with others who will challenge you, nurture your creativity and help to grow and sustain a business in the way that you dream of it being.

Client testimonials

“Working with Denyse has been a massive catalytic exercise for me emotionally. As much as I considered myself strong physically, inside, I was falling apart. This in turn was having a detrimental effect on my overall health and well-being. After each session, I walked away with a feeling of elevation that if I just gave myself a little time each day to understand my actions and how I applied myself to reach work and personal goals, the outcome would and could be a good one. I had lost sight of who I was. Just being me had been swallowed up with my business, family and relationships. Nothing had to suffer or was sacrificed along the way I’m now able to see ‘me’ again. A Big Thank You!”
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“From the moment I first met with Denyse, I felt comfortable and that she understood me and what I wished to gain from the sessions with her. The goals I set with her were consistently reminded to me so that I didn’t lose focus and I always felt that although it was my journey Denyse was alongside me assisting, lightening the load in the hard parts and smiling with me in the moments of achievement and discovery. Targets set during the breaks between sessions meant that I progressed and could put my skills into practice-instead of being told what to do what Denyse gave me was so much more valuable-the enlightenment to help myself. The warmth I felt from Denyse and the care that she so obviously has for her clients made me feel comfortable and gave me the feeling I could talk openly and honestly without being judged valuing my thoughts and trying to help me understand them. Denyse has given me focus, drive and so much more confidence in who I am and who I strive to continue to be. She has encouraged me to embrace my faults as well as strengths-teaching me to accept and work with myself to create a much more positive outlook, approach and relationship with myself and those around me. My partner frequently asks if Denyse can move in with us! Our work together has caused him to see such a positive effect on me. Denyse is a truly gifted and fantastic coach-I’m so glad I found you!”
AC- Sales Executive