Change-Friendly Leadership


In his new publication Change-Friendly Leadership, practitioner Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan shows that humanness, approachability and friendliness are necessary, but often overlooked,

elements of making change successful.

He suggests that most attempts to change fall flat though many start off with great intentions, and that effective organisational change requires the active, mindful participation of the people affected by the change with leaders having a pivotal role in engaging the entire team. 

Adopting an engaging style that respects the needs of the organisations and the people who make it what it is facilitates a connection that keeps teams on board with the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of change, ensuring that they are invested in the dynamics of the process as well as in the desired outcome.

This approach is key to engaging people’s heads, hearts and hopes, allowing recognition of fears and openness in dealing with them even in the toughest situations..

Let us enable you to create effective, lasting change in your organisation.


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