Case Study Local Government Improvement and Development


LGIDThis is the national voice of local government. Politically-led, it is a cross-party organisation that works on behalf of councils to ensure local government has a strong, credible voice with national government. The membership body aims to influence and set the political agenda on the issues that matter to councils so they are able to deliver local solutions to national problems.

412 local authorities are members of the LGA for 2012/13 and include English local councils, Welsh councils via the Welsh LGA, fire, national park, passenger transport and police authorities, and one town council.

The brief

POSITIVELY YOU was invited to design and deliver a module of the organisations Leadership Development Programme.

It was aimed at supporting current and future leaders, ensuring councillors and officers have the right skills to respond to the challenges faced and to maximise their effectiveness in supporting local people and communities, without sacrificing their own family and social elements of life and commitments.

The approach

This session examined the pitfalls and challenges of life in Leadership, the Cabinet and Chairmanship of major committees.

Designed under the theme of “Enrich your Life” the module offered coping strategies and tactics for helping the busy councillors to manage their energy, in addition to time management and prioritisation techniques.

They visited how preferences differ and the impact of these on how they use time linking personal wellbeing with work performance.

The sessions promoted personal ownership for taking action in the desired areas of change that each had identified offering reusable tools, hints, tips and coping strategies to derive better balance and strengthen participants’ positive capacity to cope with challenge, adversity and opportunity.

Outputs and outcomes

Delegates discovered their personal “time wasters” and “time stretchers” and learning how to manage tasks effectively, including techniques for managing conflict

Mapping their Wheel of life each participant was encouraged to reflect on the priorities in their lives, present them visually and hence pin point the gaps between where their passion lies and what makes them happy vs where they actually expend energy and effort and how much time they spend on these activities.

Using hints and tips from the session they set embarked on action plans to address the gaps identified.

Examples of delegate feedback

“This was one of the best sessions in this conference.” (average delegate rating 3.86 out of 4)

“This was an excellent workshop and it would be good to always have it on the agenda.”

“Useful tools to use your time effectively.”

“Denyse Busby-Earle – top tutor, very well prepared and had good knowledge of the topic and good delivery Very experienced in her field.”

Enrich your Life workshop was most useful for me, it gave me important information and tools to manage myself in a better way and be more effective.”

“The session was really informative and I wouldn’t mind if it could be a bit longer – the speaker was really good!!”